All we ask for is your time & commitment



We are looking for well motivated individuals with a passion for teaching. Experience is preferable, but not necessarily required. All you really need is a love of children, a good attitude, some patience and a desire to share knowledge.

Primarily we would like people who are able to help the children learn English and basic Maths. However there is no set syllabus so if you have any transferable skills (any other languages,  Ecology, Art, Music etc.) that you would like to share, then we are very keen to hear from you.

Class sizes are between 12 and 20 students (not all children attend everyday). Many have little or no English skills to start with so you will be mainly focused on teaching the very basic things like the alphabet, days of the week, colours, greetings and numbers. While it can be challenging to teach without initially having a common language, those who persevere will be greatly rewarded. All of our children are extremely keen to learn. You will always have the support of the three full-time teachers so don’t be scared that you will be left alone!  

Hours of work are negotiable – the more you can do the better but even if you can only spare an hour a day the benefits to our students will be massive.

Does this sound like you? Would you like to be an integral part of our mission? Please get in touch today to see how you too could be part of a very rewarding educational movement.


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