Teach in a small Bedouin community in South Sinai, while learning about Bedouin culture. 


Birds of Paradise is a grass roots, non-profit opportunity involving the global community in local education.

Volunteers worldwide are invited to teach children English, Maths, Art, Music and Ecology to Bedouin children in Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt. 


About the Project

The Birds of Paradise is a small scale social enterprise set up and run by a local Bedouin woman. There are three local full-time education assistants and usually one or two foreign volunteers working on a part-time basis. Together they serve anywhere between 12 and 20 children at any one time.  

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Volunteer Teaching

We are looking for well motivated individuals with a passion for teaching. Experience is preferable, but not necessarily required. All you really need is a love of children, a good attitude, some patience and a desire to share knowledge.

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About Dahab

Dahab is a small town on the coast of the Red Sea, about 100 kilometres North East of Sharm el Sheikh airport.  It is famous for world class diving, wind surfing and kite boarding. On average it rains only once or twice a year and you are guaranteed well over 300 days of sunshine.  Perfect for sun worshippers!

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Ways to Help

Please bear in mind that this is a grass roots project with very little money in the pot. This means that we can't offer our volunteers free accommodation, an allowance, or unlimited support. But what we can offer is our sincere appreciation, our friendship, high fives from the kids, and advice as and when you need it. 

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"Come as a guest, leave as a friend."

It's one of Dahab's most popular sayings and there's a reason for that. Once you've stayed for a few weeks, you'll make friends for life here.