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About the Project

The Birds of Paradise is a small scale social enterprise set up and run by a local Bedouin woman called Samah. There are three local full-time education assistants and usually one or two foreign volunteers working on a part-time basis. Together they serve anywhere between 12 and 20 children at any one time.

The children's parents pay a token sum of 70LE (less than 3 Euros) per month which goes towards both the rent and some of the wages for the three full-time local teachers. A network of people, both within Dahab and worldwide, support the project with donations of educational materials, art supplies and time, as well as financial contributions. 

We at Birds of Paradise believe every child, regardless of background or financial status deserves the best possible start in life.  We hope that by running this program we can bring funds, experience, drive, determination, knowledge and resources together in an effective manner to the benefit of all of our students.

The goal is to bring funding and volunteers together to give options and opportunities that these children would otherwise miss out on. We believe that by bringing in volunteers from around the world our students will greatly increase their understanding and knowledge of what is rapidly becoming a global community.


We've come a long way


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As the Birds of Paradise project is run entirely by volunteers, we don't have the time to manage an Instagram account, so Facebook is our main marketing tool. 

You can get most of the information you need from our website, but from there you'll find it useful to track our history keep up with our updates in the group.

It's closed, so you will need to apply to join it, but once accepted you'll have full access to what we've been up to.